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3 PPC Tips to Save You Time

Managing PPC campaigns is very time consuming. Luckily, Google has worked hard over the years and added new features to save time. Below are three strategies I use to make my time more efficient.

1. Shared Negative Keywords

I love negative keywords. If you have read any of my articles I probably sound like a broken record. I always preach the use of negative keywords. Negative keywords prevent your ads from displaying for irrelevant searches. Yet, most accounts I review lack or barely have any negative keywords.

One of my weekly optimization tasks for each account I manage is to review the search term report and add irrelevant terms to the negative keywords list. Yes it is a mundane task but it helps keep every account on the right track. And with the shared negative list feature in Google AdWords I save a lot of time.

Shared negative keyword list allow you to add negative terms to multiple campaigns once. Instead of heading into each campaign separately, you can now just add the term to your list and it will apply to all the campaigns that are associated with that list. This feature is a real time saver!

2. Shared Ads

Another great feature in Google AdWords to save time is shared ads. Occasionally, clients will request new ad copy for a last minute promotion they are running. If the ads new to be created immediately and you’re going to use the exact same ad copy for multiple ad groups, then I recommend using shared ads feature. Shared ads allow you to create a new text ad and apply it to multiple ad groups.

3. Bulk Edits

Typically whenever I need to make large PPC bulk edits, I use the Google AdWords editor. However, when I need to make small and quick bulk edits I prefer to use the edit button in the AdWords dashboard.

Bulk edits allow you to simultaneously update multiple items in one campaign, or across multiple campaigns. The edit button allows you to complete task like:

  • Copying and moving keywords
  • Updating bids or budgets
  • Changing destination URLs
  •  Enabling, pausing or removing keywords, ads, ad groups or campaigns
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