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Free streaming movies with over 1 million monthly visitors

Over an 18 month period, Popcornflix organic traffic grew from 50,000 to over 700,000+ monthly visits

The Results

0 % Increase in Organic Traffic
Over a 24 month period, Popcornflix's Organic Traffic grew from 35,000 monthly visits to 750,000+
$ 0 Average Cost Per Click
Hyper targeted Adwords, multiple remarketing lists, and high Quality Scores led to the lowest CPCs we've ever seen in Google
0 % Increase In Avg Session Duration
With a responsive website redesign all engagement metrics improved over 15% including Page Views and Video Duration

How We Did It

Website Design

Website Design for Popcornflix
Web Development - Popcornflix

Watch Free Movies Online @ Popcornflix

The Need For Responsive

  • Develop a responsive website for a major video internet streaming service
  • Integrate with a custom CMS and Brightcove video players for multi-device support and direct content feeds
  • Create custom, responsive ad sets for increased revenue and monetization opportunities
  • Provide on demand support and ongoing user experience optimization services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

An Incredible Rise To Page One

  • Develop a robust SEO keyword, link-building, and content plan
  • Optimize all on site content for modern SEO including rich snippets for video
  • Provide content outreach and PR support for quality link building through major publishers and video content providers
  • Implement dynamic Video Sitemaps for English and Spanish speaking titles for improved SERP search visibility

*This image is a non-fictional image depicting actual results

What The Client Had To Say

  • Kevin and Vertcy have been a tremendous help in building and optimizing a digital strategy, developing our website, and managing a large number of monthly unique users. I have been working with Vertcy as a digital marketing consultant for a year, and his advice is indispensable to our team. Their advice on campaigns is always well-founded and the long-term planing is very thorough. They always find very good solutions within a set budget and never lose sight of overall business objectives. In addition to their expertise, our director, Kevin is a real pleasure to work with. He is very personable, always easy to reach and a great guide for employees who are new to digital marketing.

    Vera Salm Marketing Director - Popcornflix
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