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Our PPC and Display professionals deliver masterful campaigns and hyper-targeted ad tactics guaranteed to grow your customer base

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The marketing and advertising results delivered by Vertcy are second to none due our daily monitoring and optimization process.  Our Pay Per Click and Display Advertising strategies well thought out, but constantly monitored, tested, and improved.

We know marketing plans are not one size fits falls.  Our team is diversified in working with high-end retail, national CPG brands, Doctors, Lawyers, and local businesses, all whom have seen digital success through our strategic marketing execution.

Our Marketing Process can be easily explained as follows:

  • Determine Key Benchmarks, Goals, KPIs, and Budgets
  • Perform keyword and audience research to find your ideal customer
  • Craft high quality keyword, display, and retargeting campaigns
  • Develop unique and customized landing pages
  • Continually Test, Test and Test to improve your conversions and KPIs

The “Internet Of Things” gives us the opportunity to find needing users, nurture them, and convert them into buyers.  This is not a simple process but takes a thorough understanding of the internet purchasing funnel.  Leads must be found, organized, prospected, and only then you will find that long time customer you have been waiting for.

Digital Adwords and Display Tactics

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Google & Bing Adwords

Paid search advertising delivers users who are furthest down the funnel and closest to converting.  Our adwords specialists craft unique campaigns and strategies for your company to improve cost-per-acquistion and grow sales.  To continually improve this CPA we will develop unique keyword campaigns, apply daily bid adjustments, a/b test ad copy, and rotate landing pages.

Display & Contextual Advertising

Our media team works with numerous media exchanges to find the most ideal prospecting and retargeting opportunities for your brand.  Using Quantacast Look-Alike Modeling, Datalogix Purchase Data, or Custom Email Lists, we use the most modern techniques to reach your consumer on any website, app or social network they may be connected to.

Retargeting (or Remarketing)

Retargeting is one of the most crucial and popular forms of advertising in digital today.  Using key metrics such as specific page visits, sales history, form submissions, video views, and other metrics, our team develops the quality lists that will turn prospects in to customers.  From there, we turn your customers into repeat customers, and the rest is history!

Conversion Optimization & A/B Testing

The internet is not television, and your ad buys, creative, and landing pages are not set in stone.  Our partnerships entail ongoing conversion testing for all elements of your digital media.  This includes website a/b testing, landing page optimizations, ad copy changes, and display variation just to name a few.  No matter how good it is, it can always be better.

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Vertcy, LLC
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