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Brands are spending more money social media advertising through  YouTube, Facebook, & their respective platforms each year as targeting and ad opportunities continue to expand

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Knowing your audience and campaign goals are the keys to choosing where and how to advertise online. Each platform requires us to plan a specific approach for your advertising dollars whether it is to improve brand presence, find prospects, or create sales. Depending on these goals Vertcy will help identify your opportunities within Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and online video exchanges.

Our unique process includes the following tactics:

  • Understand the goals for your advertising budget
  • Research keywords, user groups and volume on key networks
  • Choose the ideal networks where we can best reach your consumer and meet KPIs
  • Create landing pages & ad creative for our respective user groups
  • Develop benchmarks, install conversion tracking pixels, and deliver reporting templates
  • Continually test copy, images, landing pages, user group, and networds to maintain and improve the campaigns.

Social, Video, & Mobile platforms have become the go to platforms to reach a large majority of consumers in today’s market place.  Each year more dollars are shifting from television to digital, and there is great reason for this.  The networks allow us to directly target users of specific income, marital status, frequented websites, and so many other options.  Digital advertising today is just the tip of the iceberg.

Social & Video Advertising Partners

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Facebook Advertising

The second most trafficked website and most visited social network, Facebook is becoming the go to market place for advertising dollars.  Using carousel ads, video, retargeting, and advanced targeting overlays our team of digital experts is here to develop a unique campaign fit to increase KPIs.

Instagram Advertising

While not useful for every brand (yet), Instagram is quickly becoming the go to platform for visual enterprises to connect with and grow their consumer base.  Instagram offers attractive and seamless advertising that certain brands have been craving with the decrease of magazine subscriptions nationwide.

YouTube Advertising

Major brands are quickly shifting their television budgets into YouTube’s targeted platform where video budget and performance can be optimized daily.  YouTube offers various forms of ad formats such as short and long form video content, various CPM or CPV options, and the largest video network in the nation catering to all types of companies.

Video Advertising

YouTube is not the only place to run video on today’s web, but various Ad Exchanges can help place your media in valuable Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms such as Roku, XBox, and PlayStation networks.  These networks are growing with millennials and families alike and can offer great value for non-skippable, television like viewing.

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