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What Is SEO Anymore? Google Webmaster Tools Still Not Showing Results

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Google Webmaster Tools – March 2nd, 2016

Google Webmaster Tools has still not updated since February 23, 2016, the date of Google’s confirmed change of its search results page. We have taken a look into our own client database, and noticed each client of ours, large and small, is being affected by the issue.

It was only a few years ago that we lost access to direct keyword level search results history longer than 3 months.  Now marketers may be faced with another possibility — losing out on all organic search results information and impressions completely.

As a Search Engine Marketer I understand the importance of internet ads, and the notion that those willing to buy ad space likely have a more desired plan of action for the user.  However, SEO has long been a fundamental element of the internet, and the results achieved in organic listings should not be limited, removed, or discounted.  Many sites have spent countless hours adhering to guidelines, researching, writing, implementing SEO friendly code, and so many more things to maintain relevance.

Google is always looking to acquire more revenue, and in the end, that’s what this is all about.  Unfortunately for us, they may have crossed the line this time, and they are hiding it from the users by not sharing the new data which was affected by the most recent change.

Not likely comforting news to SEO strategists out there, is that John Muller at Google is aware of the situation!

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