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Search Engine MarketingImagine a world without search. No Google. No Bing. No WebCrawler, Lycos, or AltaVista.

How would you find a mechanic? Locate the nearest Lowes or Home Depot? What about finding a Doctor? It would take forever to do anything.

There’s one thing search engines and Google especially, have allowed us all to gain from and that is getting things done faster.

As a business owner, this is way better than the Yellow Pages because now you have the ability to show up for all your services, with valuable information, at any moment, anywhere, anytime. Rather than going door to door, the most successful online businesses let the marketing come to them. With 87% of people using search to get things done, your business needs to be there when people are searching online.

How can your business take advantage of this?

  • Setup Yahoo, Bing, & Google Adwords for you core terms in core areas to grow your digital marketing
  • Use Remarketing Lists, Audiences, and Similar Audiences to narrow your targeting to those that actually have interest
  • Develop a responsive website that quickly accomplishes what the user wants & need.


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