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Visit the New MËNAJI Website

Vertcy has partnered with MËNAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare to deliver an enhanced, digital, and direct to consumer experience. MËNAJI is the first men’s product line to deliver easy-to-use, undetectable, hi-def cosmetics for men. The brand is well positioned as an early pioneer in men’s cosmetics which is now becoming an ever more flooded consumer market. Through an Ecommerce, User-Friendly, and Responsive Website Design, we are pleased to finally bring MËNAJI’s full potential to the digital world.

The Importance of Responsive Website Design for MËNAJI

As brands continue to grow their businesses online, they must keep up with mobile commerce and search demand as they both continue to grow. The goal of this responsive website design forMËNAJI is two-fold:

  • Increase overall sales and conversions from mobile devices
  • Deliver to Google a fast, responsive website for improved SEO

By building a mobile and responsive website, MËNAJI should see an increase in mobile sales and over time, an improvement in organic search rankings.

The Challenges of Commerce & Responsive Websites

There are two major challenges we deal with commerce and websites.

We Must Give Mobile Users a REAL Mobile Experience

Websites are a beautiful thing, but we must accept loss of beauty for functionality when developing for mobile users. Less images can mean faster load times, and more text and buttons driving the user to the pages they need most.  In developing an ecommerce site, always remember the end goal, sales.  Make the mobile experience as simple yet informative as possible.

Not all users are ready to make purchases on their mobile devices.

Yes, I said it, some users are too afraid or clumsy to make a purchase on their phone.  They will use the mobile site to learn more and go buy when they are home or on another, larger device.  To help these users complete purchases we’ve enabled:

  • Cross-Device Retargeting Methods
  • Multiple Checkout Methods (people do trust PayPal)
  • Keep checkout pages simples with less steps

We expect great success over the next few month, and we’ll post an update in a few month’s with the results and findings of our new MENAJI website.

Let us know what you think of the new site design!


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