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Why Your Web Design Should Be More Like Justin Bieber’s

WordPress is used by 25.8% of all websites and even more impressive, it is used in 59.1% of websites with a common content management system (more details on the WordPress dominance here.)  If your considering changing websites or creating a new web design, then WordPress should be your CMS.

Now, if knowing that everyone and their mother uses WordPress is not enough to convince you to use it, let me tell you some of the major brands and “stars” that have embraced WordPress and see if you change your mind.

Justin Bieber's Web Design

Justin Bieber’s WordPress Website

  • Justin Bieber
    • Surprised its not the most visited site on the net.  Nonetheless, he’s WordPressin’ on.
  • Disney
    • A major corporation albeit gluttonous and forcefully gives us 746 hours of ESPN each day
  • Mercedes-Benz
    • Yup, the MB website. Can’t look too long though, makes me sad.
  • WNBA
    • Didn’t know they were still playing, but great to know they have a WordPress site!
  • Van Heusen
    • Using WordPress to sell digs.  How do you pronounce this?  Von Hoisin is my guess, like the sauce.
  • Herald News
    • Full on daily news from down under
  • Clorox
    • Because everything needs promotion

After knowing all these awesome brands are using WordPress, please tell me you’re not still thinking Joomla, Drupal, or that Cushy CMS might be the way to go?  At this point that’s like saying, maybe I should invest my life savings in Go Pro because their cameras were cool 2 years ago.

Personally, I would suggest something smarter for that life savings with a larger user base, that continues to grow at scale like Google or Facebook (but hey, i’m not an investor.  This is an analogy).  So take your website and invest in WordPress, the top CMS, used by everyone, small and big, and it will fit your business goals just right.

To hammer home some of the great aspects WordPress offers for web design and development, I leave you with a few more reasons you should be using WordPress for your next website.

Flexible Web Design w/ Customizable CMS

With a generic theme, a website can become your own in a matter of days.  Simply with color tweaks, your own images, and fonts, you’ll realize how quickly that “template” becomes your unique company calling card.

Should you need something “more,” almost anything can be built custom for your WordPress CMS.  Whether it needs to be additional fields, api integrations, or a 100% uniquely designed landing page, WordPress developers and designers can make it happen.

User Base & Support

With WordPress being an open source framework, and over 25% of websites using it, there is hardly a piece of code, nuance, or issue that hasn’t happened before. This will allow your team to quickly and easily resolve issues.

WordPress is constantly releasing new versions and patching bugs.  If your CMS, Plugins, and Themes are up to date, hacking is not something you should ever need to worry about.

Plugins Galore

Need to add additional user types?  Social Network features?  News Feeds?  Conversion tracking?  With WordPress, all of these things can be done with some wonderful, up to date, and easy to use plugins.

These plugins save developers time & cost.  But most importantly, they are maintained and improved over time, keeping your website up to date as well.

Easy to Use WordPress Page Builder

Easy to Use WordPress Page Builder

Incredible Themes w/ Page Builders

There really is no need to build “custom” websites anymore.  On a website like Themeforest there is a theme for everything today.  Classrooms, Ecommerce, Flash Sale, & Corporate.  You name it, there’s one for you.

The popular themes, similar to plugins, come with great product support from the builders, and a user base that has already seen many of your issues.

I would suggest using a theme that has been widely used, and contains an easy to use page builder that will help eliminate any coding.  Something like Visual Composer is fantastic.

Wordpress Ecommerce

WordPress Bandwagon

Great For Small to Mid-Size Commerce Businesses

If your business has 100 products or less, than you too should be on the WordPress bandwagon. With WooCommerce you can develop products, variations, grouped, linked, and variable products.

From there you can setup taxes, promo codes, PayPal and your shipping rules.

Easy integrations are available for custom product fields, subscriptions,, MailChimp, Sage, FedEx/UPS/USPS & all the common needs of a commerce site

Not to mention all of this comes with third party support!

Solid, Fast & Safe Hosting Options

WordPress hosting has become a fast and secure CMS thanks to select WordPress only hosting companies.  What used to be one of the downfalls of WordPress  for top developers was hosting speed and security.  Over the past two years this has changed dramatically with the development of companies like WP Engine who help manage, upgrade, and review your website and plugins to ensure the utmost security.

Backups with these site are taken to a new level with daily backups.  There are easy one click restores to go with one click saves that take only a minute or two to take affect.  Nothing could be easier or more affordable.

$2.1 Billion was spent one the Obamacare Website

Cost of Obamacare Website

Obviously, Obama didn’t get the WordPress memo before trying to build the Obamacare website which cost $2.1 billion.  Hopefully you’ll choose WordPress for your next website and the cost might be a bit less!




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