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Whether you are running your PPC campaigns in house or have an outside agency managing them, mistakes happen. Below are 3 common mistakes to avoid, review your campaigns for and fix.

Duplicate Keywords

One common mistake I have noticed consistently in Google AdWords & Bing campaigns is duplicate keywords. For example, the broad match keyword digital marketing hilton head and hilton head online marketing will compete against each other. Google AdWords only shows one ad per a particular keyword, thus there is no need to include the same keywords in different ad groups or campaigns. If you do have duplicate keywords, remove the one with the worst performance.

Read more about duplicate keywords on Google AdWords support.

No Negative Keywords

Every search engine marketing campaign should contain negative keywords. It is one of the easiest ways of preventing your ads from showing to the wrong customer, reducing cost and increasing your return on investment.

There are two simple methods for negative keyword research. The first is to use the keyword planner. The tool is great for generating new terms to bid on and to add as negative keywords. The second method is to review your search term report which will show every search that caused your ad to show and clicked. I recommend reviewing your search term report weekly.

Note: This report can only be used if you have an active account.

Broken Destination URLs

If you are sending paid traffic to a broken URL, you’re just wasting money. I recommend double checking your destination URLs before uploading your ads and reviewing them monthly. On numerous occasions clients have redesigned their landing pages and changed their URLs without informing me.

Here is great how to article from certified knowledge:

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