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You did it. You found few companies, did your due diligence and selected a company to handle your PPC efforts. Six months later, the honeymoon is over and you aren’t quite sure what the agency has done recently. Are they actually doing the work they sold you on. Well, here are some quick ways for you to find out if your account is getting the cold shoulder from your agency. Of course, this all depends if you have access to your account. If you don’t have access, well that’s another problem.

Review Your Change History Report

The quickest way to review your account is to jump into your change history report. There are two ways to view your change history report. The first option is to head to the tools link in the navigation bar, click on it and select change history.

The second option is to click the change history link (highlighted in green) on the graph that is below the secondary tabs (highlighted in orange).

Once you are in your change history report you are able to find a treasure trove of information. You have the option to sort by the date, the user, and the different change types. I recommend taking a look at the last couple months of activity.

  • How often is your agency optimizing bids and budgets?
  • Are they adding new keywords or pausing old keywords?
  • Are they adding and testing new ad copy?

If over a 2 month period the change history report is blank or barely active, then you should ask them why.

Review Your Ad Copy

Reviewing your ad copy is another excellent way of telling if your account is being neglected. First, head to your ad copy tab and select all enabled ads. We only want to view ads that are live.

Next, you can view all of the ad copy in the dashboard or pull an excel file. I personally believe it is easier to pull the ads in excel because you can easily skim through the ad copy. To pull an excel file, click the arrow button and then hit download.

Things to look for:

  • Are they running ad copy with out of date promotions?
  • Are they only running one ad copy in each ad group?

Review Your Keywords

The keywords in your campaign are the lifeblood of the account. Bidding on keywords that are irrelevant to your business are waste of your money. Head to the keyword tab and pull a keyword report of all the active keywords.

Things to look for:

  • Are they bidding on keywords of irrelevant keywords?
  • Are they only bidding on broad keywords?
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